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Vaccum Wall-mounted Solar Energy Collector

Vaccum Wall-mounted Solar Energy Collector

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[Split-type balcony wall-mounted solar water heater]

 Intelligent Dazzling Series

Vacuum tube solar energy collector balcony wall-mounted

 The collector adopts high-efficiency vacuum tube, built-in metal flow channel U-type copper regulator, indirect heat exchange, with efficient heat conduction.

 The heat exchange medium circulation is used in the U-shaped pipe, and the system starts faster, and the pipe is not frozen, blown, scaling and water leakage.

 High quality crystalline silicon enamel inner tank, new degrease, sand blasting process, overall polyurethane foam efficient insulation, effectively ensure the water quality clean, anti-corruption ability may be more than 15 years.

 Intelligent temperature control system, pressure operation, ultra-high temperature protection, dry burning prevention, reservation electric heating, leakage protection, safe and assured.

 The collector and water tank are installed separately, the system runs under pressure, not subject to the floor restrictions, to achieve the perfect combination with the building.

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