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Integrated Photothermal Heater

Integrated Photothermal Heater

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The product perfectly combines the fresh air technology with the concept of solar air heating. After heating the air by solar energy, the warm air is sent into the room by the fan. Direct heating the air does not require heat exchange. The system not only fully meets the heating demand, but also solves the high cost of water in the collector, which is difficult for the user to accept, and saves the operating cost in the process of use to the greatest extent. Completely bid farewell to the "coal stove", "gas shortage" and "high electricity" of various troubles, really let the user installed, can afford to use the warm winter!

● Six core advantages of the product:

· Low initial installation cost: the high installation cost of heating through water circulation is greatly reduced, making it easy for ordinary basic users to accept

· Low operating costs: solar heating during the day, lower electricity price at night, two-way compatibility, low price and practical is the ultimate target.

· Easy installation, no after-sales trouble: air heating in the collector, no water, even in remote cold areas do not have to worry about the problem of frozen pipe.

· Energy saving and emission reduction, responding to the call of environmental protection: clean heating, along with the trend, let us say goodbye to the haze, can embrace the winter under the blue sky and white clouds.

· Comfortable heating and photoelectric complementing: The product adopts a quiet muffler system, which makes it more comfortable to use. In rain and snow weather, photoelectric automatic conversion and fully intelligent control are provided.

· Dual heating and hot water supply, four seasons hot water, winter warm air: heat energy storage, maximum heating time, hot water and heating can be enjoyed at the same time.

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