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Flat Panel Solar Energy Collector

Flat Panel Solar Energy Collector

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 Smart Changing Series

 Flat panel balcony wall-mounted solar energy collector

 Enamel inner liner diamond quality

 The inner tank adopts enamel decarburized steel plate, enamel powder of Ferro Company of  America, Germany advanced high temperature enamel firing process, anti-soluble, anti-explosive and acid, 0-0.8Mpa impact test more than 300,000 times of falling without losing of porcelain layer , reaching the European standard

Automatic control of constant temperature

 In cloudy and rainy days, the auxiliary energy can be realized through the controller to supplement the heat energy, and the temperature of outlet water is set freely to ensure the constant temperature supply of hot water for 24 hours, and completely solve the problem of high or low water temperature.

 High efficiency heat absorption coating 360 degrees  stereo strong thermal conductivity technology

 The collector adopts 3.2 thickness ultra-white low iron cloth toughened glass, copper and aluminum composite plate core, black chromium / blue high quality coating, light transmittance 92%, thermal absorption rate above 95%, heat collector and hot water double circulation system have no interference with each other, stable and efficient.

 Streamlined design highlights the noble quality

 The separate installation of water tank and collector is not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also can be perfectly combined with the building to meet the diverse needs of architectural aesthetic and green environmental protection of new life.


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