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Heat Pipe Solar Heat Collector-U-tube Collector

Heat Pipe Solar Heat Collector-U-tube Collector

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· Anti-freezing: Water flows inside the collector tube. Anti-freezing measures are taken to prevent the heat pipe from freezing even at the condition of 40°C below zero centigrade.

· Quick start: The heat capacity of the working medium in the heat pipe is very small, so the vacuum tube can start quickly and still improve its output energy under transient lighting conditions.

· Good thermal insulation performance: Heat pipe has a unique thermal diode function, that is, heat can only be transferred from the lower part to the upper part, but not from the upper part to the lower part, thus reducing the heat diffusion of the heated medium to the surrounding.

· Strong bearing capacity: All vacuum tubes and their systems can withstand the pressure of tap water or circulating pump, and can even be used for hot water or high pressure steam above 1mpa.

· Good impact resistance: all vacuum tubes and systems can withstand sharp changes in cold and heat. Even if cold water is injected into the vacuum tube collector system for a long time in the air, the vacuum tube will not explode.

· Convenient installation and maintenance: there is no water in the vacuum tube, and the vacuum tube is  connected with the collector, so the installation is convenient and the vacuum tube can be replaced without stopping the system.


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