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Circulating-air Source Heat Pump

Circulating-air Source Heat Pump

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Working principle:

The air energy water heater absorbs low temperature and low pressure gas refrigerant from the evaporator and compresses the refrigerant into high temperature and high pressure gas by doing work. The high temperature and high pressure gas enters the condenser and exchanges heat with water. In the condenser, the high temperature and high pressure gas are condensed into high pressure liquid and released a lot of heat. After the high pressure liquid through the expansion valve then reduce current liquid and pressure, in the evaporator with the fan blowing, the evaporator absorbs the heat of the surrounding air and volatilize into low pressure gas, which is compressed in the compressor, so repeated cycle, then produce hot water..

Product features:

· Safe and reliable, stable performance and low maintenance cost.

· Automatic control automatic memory function, convenient .

· Intelligent defrosting technology, and defrosting heat can be reabsorbed and used

· Less power consumption, low operating costs, comprehensive energy efficiency up to 400%.


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